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Are you searching for the best treatment for hemorrhoids ?

best hemorrhoid treatment

This could be your best choice if you do not want endure the pain from hemorrhoid surgery. However, it is a great challenge looking for the cream as there are some many treatment methods and remedy products available in the market which claimed to be really effective. Therefore, you need read these hemorrhoid cream tips first.

Before you decide on the best treatment for hemorrhoids, it is wiser to understand the functions of these active ingredients in your cream.  Some of these creams are just to relieve your itchiness or pain without treating or solving your hemorrhoids problem. Therefore, you have to be clear of your objectives and then find the cream which has the active ingredients that meet your purpose.

Your best hemorrhoid treatment could be one of the following types of cream.

  1. Astringents

    The purpose of these astringent creams is to constrict system tissues like blood vessels, which subsequently will reduce the inflammation and irritation of the hemorrhoids. The common active chemical components used in these kinds cream are Calamine- 5 to 25%, Zinc oxide- Calmol 4, Nupercainal, Tronolane, Witch hazel ( Fleet Medicated, Tucks, Witch Hazel Hemorrhoidal Pads for external use only. However, these pads may cause contact dermatitis.

  2. Steriod

    The main objective of this steroid cream is to reduce itchiness from hemorrhoids or piles. The active ingredient used in this steroid is hydrocortisone which gives the relief from the irritation and used for a week to see the result. However, it has not been approved by FDA for internal hemorrhoids use. You may get these side-effects of weaken tissue, allergic and cause infection when used for long time. It is also not safe for pregnant women and breast feeding women. There are claims that it can cause gastric, higher sugar level in the blood and weight gain. The common products are Proctocort/Dermol, Proctofoam, Analpram, ProctoCream, Anusol, Proctosol and Analpram but the best hemorrhoid cream hydrocortisone is Anusol.

  3. Analgesics

    These kinds of cream help to minimize creation of prostaglandins as prostaglandins will trigger feeling of itchiness in our mind. No wonder you will feel relief after you have used analgesics. Examples of this cream are ibuprofen and aspirin.

  4. Moisturizer

    Sometime dryness of the hemorrhoids could cause irritation. By applying moisturizer cream, it can help hydrate the hemorrhoids which will reduce the itchiness. It also acts as lubricant to reduce burning and show be applied after bowel movement. Most popular moisturizers contain any of these elements – Aluminum hydroxide-Absorbent, Cocoa butter-emolient, Glycerin-emolient, Kaolin-emolient, Lanolin-emolient, Mineral oil-Balneol, Preparation H ointment White petrolatum-Vaseline-emolient, Starch-emolient, Zinc oxide or calamine when combined with above-emolient, Cod liver oil or shark liver oil with vitamin A when combined with the above.

  5. Anesthetic

    Any anesthetic cream will block nerve conduction from the piles area that you have applied the cream. As a result you will feel numbness on your hemorrhoids.  Lidocaine (2 to 5%) is the common prescribed anesthetic cream. Other creams are which contain Benzocaine-5 to 20% (Americaine, Lanacane for external use only), Benzyl alcohol-5 to 20%, Dibucaine-.25% to 1.0% (Nupercainal – 85% users gave 5 star rating. Click here to find out), Dyclonine-.5 to 1%, Tetracaine-.5% to 5% and  Pramoxine-1%-Anusol, (Fleet Pain Relief, Procto Foam non-steroidal, Tronolane, Preparation H Cream with Maximum Strength Pain Relief).  However, they can cause allergic reaction and aggravate symptoms to some users.

  6. Vasoconstrictors

    This kind of cream will reduce blood flood to the hemorrhoid areas which can help to reduce itchiness and swelling but not bleeding. The common active ingredients are Ephedrine sulfate – .1 to 1.25%, Epinephrine-.005% to .01%, Phenylephrine HCL- .25% (Medicone Suppository, Preparation H, Rectacaine). The advantages of using vasoconstrictors are lesser chances of aggravating hypertension, angina, arrhythmias, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or BPH but they have potential of causing insomnia, nervousness or tremor. If you have hypertension or heart or blood vessel problem, you want to stay away from this kind of cream.

  7. Keratolytics

    This kind of cream helps to remove skin in order to expose tissue to therapeutic agents. It could help to reduce itching. Never use it near open wounds around the anus. It is strictly for external hemorrhoids use only and available in naturopathic ointments. The active ingredients are aluminum chlorhydroxy allantoinate-alcloxa-.2 to 2%,  Resorcinol- 1 to 3%. (Methemoglobinemia).

  8. Antipruritics

    The principle of this kind of cream is to distract the feeling of itchiness by creating comfortable and cooling feeling. The common products are menthol, camphor, turpentine oil and juniper tar but not safe to use them.

If you prefer to use OTC solutions, many people have claimed Preparation H as the best treatment for hemorrhoid. However, some people find other creams more effective, thus you need to look into other hemorrhoid cream, like herbal, homeopathic or even home-made hemorrhoid cream too.

Sometime, the best hemorrhoid treatment could be just a simple herbal hemorrhoid cream.

Some people prefer to use natural healing or holistic healing for their health problem. Here, you can find a list of popular common ingredients in herbal formula to treat hemorrhoids.

1.Witch Hazel acts as astringent and you can apply Witch Hazel cream to external hemorrhoids.

2.Aloe Vera famous for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to restore damaged tissue.

3.Cranesbill acts as astringent and found in North America

4.Butcher’s broom acts as vasoconstrictor to reduce inflammation and strengthen blood vessel.

5.Tumeric based cream is popular used in Asia to treat piles due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Some people may combine it with aloe vera or ghee (clarified butter that is used in Indian cooking) in their treatment in order to get a better result.

6.Neem cream is suitable for external hemorrhoids as it has the analgesic properties which reduces inflammation and itchiness.

5.Calendula cream is a homeopathic hemorrhoid cream, popular used in Europe. It is made up of marigold plant and has the analgesic properties which help to minimize inflammation and rejuvenate cell. Find out why this cream is much better than Preparation H, click below


If you are a pregnant mother, you should try this pregnancy hemorrhoid treatment. Click the following link to find out why most mothers find this product so helpful.

Witch Hazel Hemorrhoid Cream for pregnant mother.

6.Neo Healer cream is made up of combination of vaterica indica (for inflammation), , Mentha Piperita (for pain and itching), Lupinus Albus (for skin repair) and Aloe Vera (hastens healing). It helps to return dilated and inflamed blood vessels to the normal state, thus the blood resumes its normal circulation and pain subsides gradually. Check by yourself why it is one of the highly recommended homeopathic hemorrhoid treatment creams.

  1. Zinc oxide creammay help to give you relief feeling from your anal itchiness. However, it can be used for external hemorrhoids only. Any overuse of zinc oxide creams can cause yellow eyes, yellow skin and abdominal pain.

8.Zenmed ziro cream is a natural hemorrhoids treatment cream which made up of botanical extracts, healing plant and root extracts like Certified Organic Sunflower Oil, Sage, Coltsfoot, Yarrow and Witch Hazel. Aloe vera is used as the base of the formula. It helps to shrink external hemorrhoids due to its astringent properties. Click here to find out.

How Does Your Best Treatment for Hemorrhoids Works?

Hemorrhoid cream is water-based which contains active ingredients as mentioned above. When you apply it on the anus, your body absorbs the ingredients through the transdermal delivery system.

Some hemorrhoid creams can cause bad reaction to your sensitive skin. Therefore, you may want test the cream compatibility with your skin by applying a little of the cream inside your elbow and wait for any reaction. If it starts to create problem, switch to other creams.
Always start with mild type of cream and progress with stronger type later, if it is still not effective.

How much is your best hemorrhoid treatment cost?

The price varies depending on the type of strength of the product. Generally, it is between $3 to $20 dollars when buy it over the counter. You can check it out from internet as sometime you may be able get cheaper price.

Other usage of this creams

You may be surprise to learn that there are other usages of hemorrhoid cream too such as below
1. For getting rid of eye bags or dark circles under the eyes. This kind of treatment has been practiced by a lot of celebrities who wanted to look good of their eye bags and cheaper face lift solution.
2. Reduce facial wrinkles
3. To tighten skin

How to apply hemorrhoid cream?

In order to get the best benefits from your hemorrhoid cream patients, you need to apply it on the piles after a warm bath. Tenderly clean and dry the area by using a clean towel or white tissues. Later, use the applicator that comes with the creams and apply it carefully on the affected area. Once it is done, clean the applicator thoroughly to prevent any infections. Generally, you need to repeat this four to five times a day to get the best result.

Can you make the best hemorrhoid treatment by yourself?

Home remedy hemorrhoid cream

If you interested on home remedy, you can make your own creams using the following tips

1. Tumeric ghee cream
Mix 1 teaspoon of ghee with 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder and apply it onto your hemorrhoids just before your bed time. In order to get the best result, apply it for 3 consecutive nights, stop for 2 nights and repeat this cycle till your hemorrhoids are fully healed. Warning, turmeric will stain your pants, so do wear your old pant during this treatment period.

  1. Pilewort cream.
    Mix pilewort powder, preferably made from sun-dried pilewort leaves with organic aloe vera gel. It helps to repair your veins and stop any hemorrhoid bleeding.

Some of creams may be effective for certain patients but useless to others. Therefore, in order to get the best treatment, you have to try a few good creams. Relying on creams to solve your hemorrhoids problem is not good enough. You need to adjust your diets to include more fibers, keep your anus clean and do more exercise if you are a coach potato type. If finding the best hemorrhoid cream for yourself is still a daunting task for you, you may checkout the blog section and read reviews about best treatment for hemorrhoids


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