Best Top 5 hemorrhoid cream without phenylephrine

Best Top 5 hemorrhoid cream without phenylephrine

Today I have prepared list of top 5 hemorrhoid cream without phenylephrine. I have seen many hemorrhoid patients who are against using phenylephrine and hence they mailed me to come up with the list of non phenylephrine creams.

Before sharing the list it is very important for all of us to know what phenylephrine is and why and where it is used then and then only you will be able to select best hemorrhoid cream for yourself.

As we all know hemorrhoids are not going to kill you but the symptoms of hemorrhoids like pain, discomfort and burning are so intense that we feel that it is going to kill us and that is the reason we are always looking out for ways to treat hemorrhoids so that we can get rid of hemorrhoids either by home remedy, cream of lastly by surgery.

Now a day’s companies have come up with very innovative and effective over the counter hemorrhoid creams which give you instant results, it is not that they are harmful or contain unnatural ingredients, but some of them include natural ingredients like green tea extract, aloe, vitamins etc along with other clinically proven ingredients. Today we are going to jot down some best piles cream and ointments which do not contain phenylephrine, so without wasting much time let’s get started…

What is Phenylephrine

Phenylephrine is adrenergic receptor mainly used as decongenstant. Phenylephrine or Phenagil is mainly used for decongenstant / shrinking blood vessels.

Uses of Phenylephrine

Phenagil is mainly used in Nasal sprays to shrink blood vessels in nasal passage and give you instant relief from nasal conjunction and sinus. Due to its quality of shrinking blood vessels it is used for hemorrhoid treatment also.

Side Effects of Phenylephrine

It is advisable to ask your doctor or pharmacist before using any cream that contains phenylephrine. Though using Phenylephrine on external hemorrhoids does not have any side effects still it is strongly advisable to ask your doctor first.

It is advisable not to use phenagil or Phenylephrine if you are suffering from heart disease, diabetes or thyroid.

As shared above external use of phenylephrine will not give you many side effects but to be on safer side you can always consult your doctor before using any phenylephrine based hemorrhoid cream.

Let me share few best hemorrhoid creams that do not contain Phenyleprhine so that you can use it with confidence.

1) H- Hemorrhoids Relief Review: Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment for Internal, External or Thrombosed. Reduce Swelling, Itching and Burning Immediately.

As the name suggest H – Hemorrhoid Relief it a pure natural formula which contains essential oils and homeopathic ingredients. This is best hemorrhoid treatment and natural alternative to hemorrhoid surgery.

H-Hemorrhoid will treat and hemorrhoid symptoms naturally and will help in healing your internal and external hemorrhoids.

Ingredients of H-Hemorrhoids Relief treatment

This hemorrhoid solution contains all natural ingredients like Essential oil blends, Corylus avellana nut oil, Aesculus hippocastanum and other proprietary homeopathetic ingredients.  It does not contain any chemicals or harmful ingredients.

How to apply H-Hemorrhoid Relief Formula

H-Hemorrhoids relief is a liquid formulation and comes in a glass bottle. Apply 1 to 3 drops of this hemorrhoid suppository on your affected area 3 times a day. If you apply as per above instructions then you should see instant results and relief in your hemorrhoid symptoms.

You can use this formulation on both external as well as internal hemorrhoids, it has shown some great results on both the types of hemorrhoids.

It is one of the best selling hemorrhoid suppositories and above all they provide 90 days no question asked unconditional money back guarantee.

hemorrhoid cream without phenylephrine


2) Calmovil Hemorrhoids Relief Pills review

If you are looking for hemorrhoid pills / tables which do not contain Phenylephrine then you should definitely go for Calmovil Hemorrhoid relief pill.

Calmovil hemorrhoid relief tables are specially prepared keeping in mind the problems related with hemorrhoids. This hemorrhoid pills not only stops itching and pain but also helps in stopping bleeding and strengthening veins and regulated your digestive system.

Well it is not easy to get rid of hemorrhoids fast just by changing your diet plan and life style, along with this changes you have to use hemorrhoids cream or hemorrhoids suppositories which are rich in natural and clinically proven ingredients, calmovil hemorrhoids relief pill is one of them.

This hemorrhoid suppository includes ingredients like calmomile, horse chestnut, biliberry, hesperidin etc.   This all are natural herbs which helps in treating your hemorrhoid symptoms.

Calmovil piles helps in improving your blood circulation and dissolves bloods clot in your hemorrhoids. This not only helps in relieving your pain and burning sensation but also helps in improving your motions and digestive system.

Calmovil does not contain phenylephrine and hence it is first choice of many hemorrhoids patients.

hemorrhoid cream without phenylephrine

3) Hem-Miracle cream review

Hem Miracle cream is a natural treatment for hemorrhoids, the biggest advantage of this cream is that it works on both internal as well as external hemorrhoids.

Hem Mircale as the name suggested provides very good results in treating symptoms of hemorrhoids. It is formulated with scientifically proven method to give you long term relief.

This hemorrhoid cream not only treats burning, itching and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids but it also helps in shrinking the hemorrhoids and give coating over the affected area.

There are very few creams and hemorrhoid suppositories that treats both internal and external hemorrhoids, the proprietary formula created by this company gives miraculous results in curing your hemorrhoids.

Hem Miracle is produced in FDA certified facility and uses all natural ingredients like Witch Hazel, Grape Seed oil, Organic Aloe leaf juice, carrot seed oil, green tea extract, jojoba seed oil and many other such natural ingredients.

You can use this hemorrhoid cream 3-4 times a day on your affected area and mark my words; you will see the improvement in very short time. To get best results apply it a night and after every bowel moment.

Makers of hem miracle are so confident about this product that they provide 90 days money back guarantee in case if you are not satisfied with the results. So if you are looking for hemorrhoid cream without phenylephrine then hem miracle is for you….

best hemorrhoids cream


3) Uber Numb, Lidocaine Pain relief cream review: –BEST BUY

As the name suggest UBER Numb is phenylephrine free hemorrhoid cream which provides instant results by numbing the affected area. They use 5% lidocaine in this cream which is maximum dosage permitted by FDA.

Due to lidocaine this hemorrhoid cream starts giving instant effects and this numbing effect will nearly last for 1-2 hours. Though this is NOT hemorrhoid cream but due to its characteristics many people use it as hemorrhoid ointment to get relief from itching and burning. Not only this it also helps you in reducing swelling and any other discomfort.

This is water based topical anesthetic cream which is non greasy and non sticky. It also contains Vitamin E which specially helps in calming down inflammation in hemorrhoids.

So what does this cream have which makes it number one numbing cream, well UBER Numb contains clinically proven ingredients like Lidocaine, deionized water, benzyl alcohol, Vitamin E and other powerful ingredients.

This skin numbing cream is made in USA keeping in mind life style and skin type of Americans and hence it is giving fantastic results in curing hemorrhoid pain and burning.

Not to forget UBER Numb provides full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

So what waiting for, just go for it and feel the difference yourself.

get rid of hemorrhoids fast


4) Bianca Rosa’s Hemorrhoids/Bleeding Piles complex cream review:

Bianca Rosa’s hemorrhoids/bleeding piles cream is another choice for you when you are looking for hemorrhoid cream without phenylephrine. Bianca Rosa hemorrhoid cream is specially formulated to give results on bleeding hemorrhoids.

This is comparatively new cream in market and hence you won’t find much information about the same, but those who have used it have become fan for this hemorrhoid cream as it has shown some outstanding results in curing hemorrhoids.

It will give you better results if you apply it twice during the day, especially in morning and at night before you to bed.

This hemorrhoid ointment is manufactured by TerraVita brand which has great impression of producing some market leading products.

Just buy now and see the results for yourself.

best piles cream


5) TerraBella Hemp Cream review – Organic Topical cream for treating hemorrhoids and Fissure – BUY NOW

Those who are looking for organic treatment for hemorrhoids and fissure should go for TerraBeall Hemp cream, this cream is 100% natural and is phenylephrine free.

best cream for pilesTerraBella hemp cream contains hemp oil, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D this ingredient helps in moisturising your skin, stimulates plump skin naturally and gives extra pain relief respectively. Hemp Oil has natural quality of healing and protecting skin.

Along with Hemp Oil TerraBella Hemp Oil contains ingredient like Beeswax, Olive Oil, Arnica Oil, Lavender Oil, St. Johns Wort etc. All this ingredients are very helpful in treating symptoms of hemorrhoids and fissure.

TerraBella is a very well know brand which “only” manufacturing herbal products with the help of natural ingredients and bio-organic solutions.

TerraBella Hemp Cream is totally safe and non addictive formulation which will give sure shot results on your hemorrhoids.

cream for hemorrhoids and fissure

This are some of the best hemorrhoid cream without phenylephrine which you can buy with confidence, I have done thorough research on all this cream and then have shared my reviews on the same.

In case if you have any query or question about them you can email me or write in comment box below, I’ll be glad to reply the same. You can also checkout list of more hemorrhoids cream here.

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