Know Hemorrhoids – In-depth guide for hemorrhoid patients

Know Hemorrhoids – In-depth guide for hemorrhoid patients

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What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are very common in America, nearly 80% of adult population has experienced hemorrhoids once in their lifetime. Depending on the individuals, reasons vary. However, listed below are four, reasons why you might develop hemorrhoids.

Are you constipated?

Since your stools become hard, dry and become very difficult to pass through, it is natural to put a lot of strain on them in order to push the stools out of your system. All those straining puts a lot of pressure on the veins and leads to swell. The main reason why you might constipate is because your diet is not appropriate, or it might be low on fiber. Make sure your diet consists of lots of fiber, water, and protein-rich, you can follow this hemorrhoid diet plan and see the different yourself.

Are you over 50 years old?

People who are over the age of 50 generally suffer from hemorrhoids. The reason is as you age your muscles weaken, and even the veins also weaken. Since you’re over the age 50 you might be laid-back and not getting enough physical exercise. This leads to poor blood circulation and weakens your veins. So, you put a lot of stress on them, and the veins easily swell up, which leads to hemorrhoids.

Are you sitting or standing for a long period of time?

Nowadays, the kind of job we have to do requires us to sit or stand for a long period of time. When you’re young or just starting out it may not be a problem but over time it increases the pressure on your veins. So, it is recommended that you take frequent breaks and once in a while stretch your muscles to make sure your body always gets exercise, and the blood circulation is steady.

Are you pregnant?

If you’re a woman and pregnant, then you already know that your uterus enlarges and blood flows through the rectal area. This actually increases the strain on your veins and causes them to be swollen. Many woman experience hemorrhoids in pregnancy. This can be cured with the help of hemorrhoid creams or by following this methods which will help you to get rid of hemorrhoids fast during pregnancy.


How Do You Get Hemorrhoids?

You could get hemorrhoids for a number of reasons. The most common reason why you might get hemorrhoid is because of your eating habits or specific lifestyle you may lead. There other triggers that leads to hemorrhoids. However, it is yet unknown exactly when or what amount of deficiency causes someone to develop piles or hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids come in two forms. One is internal, and the other is external. The external hemorrhoids are quite easy to cure and less painful, but the internal hemorrhoids is where the majority of the pain and anguish rely. Usually, lack of fiber in your diet is the primary reason why you might develop hemorrhoids. Lack of fiber causes your body to constipate and during bowel movements, it actually adds a ton of pressure on your blood vessels near the rectal area.

Overtime all those pressure builds up and actually swollen the veins, and you end up developing internal hemorrhoids. If you are a woman and pregnant, then the same blood vessels could be swollen up because of the added pressure and the increased size of your uterus. So, it is possible to have hemorrhoids for a woman if she is pregnant, even though her diet is full of fiber-rich foods.

It is possible that diarrhea could lead to hemorrhoids as well. If you consume a lot of spicy food or foods that affect your digestion system in a negative way, it could lead to diarrhea. Just like constipation, severe diarrhea puts a lot of strain on the blood vessels. All those stress overtime builds up, and you could easily get hemorrhoids that way.

Last but not least, but your daily work habits can lead to hemorrhoids as well. If you are standing or sitting for a long period of time, it weakens your blood vessel overtime. It also adds pressure and increases the chances of developing hemorrhoids. In these cases if you do not take frequent breaks or stretch once in a while, your blood vessels actually swell up and develop hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Treatment At Home

Nowadays, the health costs are sky high, and it is difficult to get professional treatment if you cannot afford it or your insurance does not cover the necessary costs. Even though we cannot do much about the health insurance or the costs, it is possible to treat your hemorrhoids at home. Let’s go over some home remedies for hemorrhoids that are available to you.

Start Eating the Right Kinds of Food

This is not quite an instant relief but actually aids you in the long term. If you change your diet to fiber-rich foods, your bowel movements become much easier and put less stress on your internal or external hemorrhoids. Since, the stress on the hemorrhoids decrease, it also decreases physical pain and irritation.

Eating the right kind of food not only makes bowel movements easier, but it also improves your overall health. For example, it boosts your immune system, gives you more strength and improves your chances of getting rid of hemorrhoids.

Take a Warm Bath

Hemorrhoids can cause extreme irritation and itchiness. The problem is if you touch them or scratch for a certain amount of time they grow, get worse and become even more painful. If you are in pain and need to relieve the irritation temporarily, then you can try getting a warm bath or use a piece of cloth to clean and massage the external hemorrhoids.

The warm water soothes the area and reduces the inflamed veins. So, you feel good immediately.

Try a Hemorrhoid Cream

Believe it or not but there is hemorrhoids cream which can give you instant relief from hemorrhoid pain. They don’t cost much and does not require a prescription. So, you can easily get a cream and apply on the affected areas. The creams sometimes numb, shrink the hemorrhoids and reduces the pain or irritation you might feel.

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