Best Hemorrhoid Seat Cushion – Donut Cushion Buying Guide

Best Hemorrhoid Cushion Review for 2020


People suffering from this troublesome situation know how it admonishes all aspects of easiness and comfort. So if there is even a small sign of hope of having comfort, they would never leave it. Hemorrhoids can be severely painful and can prevent you from sitting comfortably. It is next to impossible for a working professional not to sit. Being a working person myself, not being able to sit means no proper functioning of any task.

This is why a comfortable hemorrhoid seat cushion is made. These best hemorrhoid seat cushions take off some of the pressure and uncomfortable feeling of this unpleasant state. It is strongly advisable to use hemorrhoid donut cushions along with hemorrhoid creams to get maximum relief.

Many of such pillows are made in the shape of a donut and that’s why they are also known as donut hemorrhoid pillow. This enables the hemorrhoids pressure point to be just above the build area of the pillow. Thus the backside of the body experiences the pressure of sitting, not the hemorrhoids area.

In this post, we will try to reduce your pain by providing a list of some of the best-rated hemorrhoids cushions. We will also provide you some general information about why you should choose these cushions for yourself. We will also guide you for selecting your best hemorrhoid donut cushion.

Why choose hemorrhoid seat cushions?

What primary decision is to make while selecting best hemorrhoid seat cushion? Choosing the donut-shaped cushion is always the best decision. The hole in the middle of the pillow tends to eliminate all the pressure from the hemorrhoids point and prevents aggravation and pain of the situation. The rest of the portion provides support and comfort to your body.

Choosing a donut cushion for the sake of your comfort and relief will provide you following extra benefits:

Relief from pressure: the best hemorrhoid seat cushion will help in reducing the pressure by elevating the bottom part of your body (buttocks). The cushion part helps in removing pressure from your upper thighs, joints, hips, and legs.

Better alignments: The best hemorrhoid donut cushion helps in achieving the right balance when you want to rotate or reach to have something.

Improved posture: Selecting right hemorrhoid seat cushion improves your posture leading to better blood circulation.

Portability: You can easily take the cushion out with you wherever you go. They can be adjusted on almost every seat type without many adjustments. Thus you can feel relieved and comfortable everywhere you sit.

Do hemorrhoid cushions work?

Although the best choice in such a category is the best hemorrhoid donut cushion, there are one or two other designs that can be effective for people. These hemorrhoid cushions work for people suffering from this painful condition only if it has the following features:

  • The hemorrhoid seat cushion is contoured shaped or donut-shaped.
  • For cooling properties, it has foam fill or memory foam infused with gel in it.
  • It has a washable and breathable cover.
  • It must hold a durable design which can suit or fix in all types of seats and chairs
  • It should be lightweight
  • It should be portable so that you can carry it with yourself anywhere.

Best hemorrhoid seat cushion buying guide

Perfectly choosing the best hemorrhoid donut cushion will always reduce your pain and increase the comfort level. But for this decision, you need to know what factors you need to consider before buying the best hemorrhoid donut cushion for yourself. By knowing these factors you will be able to answer the question of whether the specified cushion will work for you or not?

Comfort level

The Comfort level is a major guiding factor behind buying a hemorrhoid seat cushion. This is the major reason behind your thinking to buy a cushion. For providing a great level of comfort the hemorrhoid seat cushion must be slightly firm, supportive, along with being soft so that it can provide the required level of comfort. Before buying any hemorrhoid seat cushion make sure that it has these comfort providing qualities.

The durability of the cushion

Many of the people buy these hemorrhoid seat cushions for the period of their suffering. But aside hemorrhoids these cushions can be of more use also. Thus over a time it is important that cushion must maintain its shape. Therefore before buying hemorrhoid seat cushion, you must ensure that it is durable enough.


Many normal (non hemorrhoid cushions) provide great comfort in the beginning but may stop giving same effect after some hours. But this weakness is overcome by supportive hemorrhoid seat cushions. They provide a continuous level of comfort without aggravating your pain further. That’s why it is important to select best hemorrhoid donut cushions for your day to day comfort.

Cost of the cushion

You can easily buy hemorrhoid cushions online, they are not very costly, they cost more or less same like a normal cushion. Buying a hemorrhoid seat cushion within a budget is always the right decision. There are many different brands in market who are selling hemorrhoid cushions with very affordable pricing. I’ll list some of the best hemorrhoid cushions in all price range so that you can select the best one as per your need and budget.

List of best hemorrhoid seat cushions

Choosing the best pillow will offer pain relief and comfort in situations when you experience the worst discomforts. Thus for your guidance, we have here provided some of the best hemorrhoid seat cushions available in the market:

Donut tailbone pillow hemorrhoid cushion review – My Personal Favourite

best hemorrhoid pillow

This is one of the best hemorrhoids donut cushions for relieving your pain caused due to hemorrhoids, tailbone pain or bed sores. Its ergonomic design was made solely to reduce the pressure and provide complete support in your bad days. It not only helps in reducing hemorrhoid pain but also can be used during pregnancy or post-surgery for comfort.  It helps in reducing the pain by evenly distributing the weight when you sit on it. It’s completely lightweight, thus you can carry it along wherever you go. For complete comfort and resilience, it is filled with pure memory foam. This best hemorrhoid seat cushion is accepted and used by many users across America and beyond.


Provides continuous effective support even after long usage

Endorsed by leading physical therapists

It is suitable on many surfaces either at home, on wheelchairs, offices, etc.

Its removable cover and sturdy zipper ensures easy removal of the cover from the pillow when required

The cover can be easily washed in washing machines

The inner foam can also be cleaned with a damp sponge

Best suited for hemorrhoid condition, tailbone pain, high hamstring injuries, and ischial bursitis


The cushion was felt hard by some users

The smell of cushion may be a little bit uncomfortable

DONUT luxury hemorrhoids seat cushion review

best cushion for hemorrhoid patients

2nd in the list of best hemorrhoids donut cushion is DONUT Luxury hemorrhoid seat cushion, it provides extremely comfortable feelings by reducing the pressure exactly when required. Its ergonomic and innovative design alleviates the pressure causing due to hemorrhoids, pregnancy, pelvic floor, childbirth or pressure sores. Its built-in carrying handle makes it easy to be carried to your workplace or where you like to sit peacefully and painlessly anywhere. The cushion is filled with high-density memory foam along with 3D spacer mesh. This makes the hemorrhoid seat cushion soft and durable. It is effective in removing the pressure area where pain usually stems, the central area. It does not create any kind of pressure points on legs, or tailbone. Thus does not cause any kind of discomfort or pain in long sitting hours.


Its contours and cuts cradle the body to provide ultimate comfort and support.

High-density memory foam makes the cushion softer and durable

Universally fits into chairs, seats.

Suitable for users of all shapes and sizes

Easily portable for long travel journeys

Consists of the built-in carrying handle

Can be easily unzipped for cleaning

Durable and lasts for a long time


Contouring must be adjusted to fit the user size

A bit firm on sitting

Relatively costlier than other models

Milliard foam donut cushion review

milliard foam cushion review

The milliard form donut cushion is perfect for relieving the pain of hemorrhoids, sciatic nerve pain, and coccyx. The ring-shape 3D mesh is ideal for maximum cooling and airflow. The cushion is filled with foam that itself contours to the body to reduce pain. The cover of the cushion is removable. Thus, it can be cleaned in the washing machine whenever needed. You can maintain your posture and stability while being seated on it. It is an ideal cushion for home, office, and car. Thus you can take it with you to complete comfortable work and ride. The ventilated mesh cover allows proper breathing of your body, thus your body temperature does not increase. After using the cushion for a longer duration, the soreness of the region may decrease.


Ideal for work, car and home use

Holds zipper-less design for closure

Mesh fabric permits air penetration

3.5 density supportive foam usage in the cushion

The cover can be removed and easily washed.

Can be used for increasing comfort factor of any seat

Helps in maintaining proper posture and stability


Foam is not memory foam

SOMIDE donut cushion – Best Pregnancy Hemorrhoid Cushion review

somide pregnancy hemorrhoid cushion review

Another choice for best hemorrhoid donut cushion is SOMIDE Donut cushion; it is one of the best cushions for reducing the pain of hemorrhoids, during pregnancy or tailbone pain. It is filled with firm foam for providing better comfort and relief from pain. The outer cover is made with velvet fabric, thus you can easily remove and wash it whenever required. The cushion is ergonomically designed for reducing painful conditions. It is durable enough to provide comfort for longer durations. This hemorrhoid cushion is best to use after hemorrhoid surgery or pregnancy.  Being light in weight, makes it suitable to be carried to your workplace, traveling vehicles, wheelchair, etc. with this best hemorrhoid seat cushion you will experience a comfortable and relaxing setting.


The groves are designed to provide relief and comfort

The hollow design of the seat allows proper breathing of the body

Multi-functional donut cushion

Legs can naturally relax with slide radian design


Maybe a little hard for some users

Dr. Fredrick’s Donut Cushion review

Dr Fredricks original hemorrhoid donut cushion review

Cushions are always recommended by doctors and therapists for reducing pain caused due to hemorrhoids. Dr. Fredrick’s donut cushion is accurately designed in a ring-shaped. It shape allows even distribution of weight without putting any kind of pressure on the body. It helps in reducing pelvic, anal and perineal pain. The cushion is made with durable and soft material, which ensures your body gets adjusted to the cushion. The cover of the cushion is made with synthetic flannel and can be cleaned in a washing machine. The material of cushion is odorless, thus you won’t be uncomfortable with its smell. The cushion can be inflated easily and quickly with the included air pump.


The cushion is latex-free.

18” inflatable donut cushion

Provides supreme comfort to lower regions

The cover is reusable and washable

Remains comfortable even after a longer duration of use

Portable and lightweight


Durability issues

Troubles while inflating the cushion

I have recommended this hemorrhoid cushions after thoroughly investigating it and taking opinion from hemorrhoid patients, most of them claim that if right hemorrhoid cushion is used with hemorrhoid creams and medicines then it can give you a long term relief from hemorrhoid pain, itching and burning, not only that if you use them regularly you can surely escape hemorrhoid surgery.

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