Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal Cream – The Best Ointment For Piles

Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal Cream – The Best Ointment For Piles – Our Pick

Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal 30ml - Anti-Inflammatory And Soothing Effect - Hemroid Treatment - Prevention

Piles are one of the most common health problems across the world. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, up to 75 percent of people are affected by piles or hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. Piles are swollen or inflamed veins in the anus or rectum. They are tissue cushions that consist of blood vessels and muscle. Though they are not dangerous, they can be highly painful and discomforting at times.

Pain and bleeding in the anus are common. People notice the development of swelling or lump in the area. Ageing, pregnancy, constipation, obesity, inactivity and hereditary reasons are the most common causes of piles. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat piles and ease the associated pain. Piles are often treated with over-the-counter creams and other remedies. One of the best ointments for piles relief is Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal. In this post, we discuss how Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal works for piles and how it can be used to get the best results.

Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal – The Best Ointment For Piles

Cumlaude cream is developed in gel form and is easy to use. This hemorhroid cream is effective on both internal and external hemorhoids. It contains ingredients which helps treat or prevent an infection and reduces inflammation and symptoms of hemorrhoids. The ointment is manufactured in Italy by a reputed pharmaceutical company and is available at most online and offline drug stores. The cream is composed of the following active ingredients:

Provitamin B5 – It works as moisturizer and helps in healing of wound and improves skin. It is widely used in cosmetics.

Virginian Hamamels –  Virgining Hamamels widely known as witch hazel is one of the prime ingredient in Cumlaude Rilastil Cream this helps in relieving bleeding, itching,  minor pain and all sort of hemorrhoid discomfort.

Olus Oil and Glycerin – Olus oil is 100% vegetable oil which is used with Glycerin in place of conventional petroleum jelly.

In addition to above ingredients this hemorrhoid ointment has a venotonic anti-inflammatory and soothing effect in case of itching, burning, irritation and pain.

The cream is meant for rectal use only. It comes with a long nozzle for easy application in an around the rectal area.

How to Apply Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal For Piles

Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal is prescribed for relief from the pain and discomfort caused due to piles, hemorrhoids or other rectal problems. The ointment should be used according to the directions listed on the package. Before applying the cream, the affected area should be cleaned with mild soap and water, rinsed and dried. It can be applied up to four times a day, generally in the morning and bedtime or after bowel movements. Alternatively, you can follow the doctor’s Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal hemorrhoid creamdirections for usage. To apply the cream inside the rectum, the applicator nozzle can be used. Insert the applicator gently into the rectum and squeeze the tube to apply the medication while withdrawing it. Don’t apply the cream high up inside the rectum. Do not forget to rinse the applicator and wash your hands after use.

The cream may burn or sting for a minute or two upon application. Though there are no common side effects and complications associated with Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal cream, you should consider consulting the doctor in case you notice anything bothersome after the use of the ointment. If symptoms do not improve within seven days or if pain and bleeding worsen, you should consult the doctor.

Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal For Fissures

Fissures are another condition where Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal proves useful and effective. An anal fissure is generally a small tear or cut in the anus lining causing severe pain and bleeding during bowel movements. Fissures can at times become deep and expose the muscle tissue. It is not a serious condition and can affect people of all ages. Chronic constipation or diarrhea can cause fissures. It can also develop due to straining during bowel movements or childbirth. Anal fissures are common in infants.

Cumlaude Rilastil Lipogel Rectal is one of the most effective remedies used to promote healing and relieve uncomfortable symptoms of fissures. The ointment, when applied to the affected area, treats pain caused by tears in the anus lining. It works by relaxing the muscles around the blood vessels to reduce pressure inside the anus and relieving the pain.

Some dietary and lifestyle changes can obviously ease the conditions associated with piles and fissures. One should consider drinking plenty of fluids and eating fiber-rich food to deal with constipation. Fiber supplements and over-the-counter laxatives help getting rid of constipation as well. Though these habits treat piles and fissures over a long time, Anovative Cream can be used to get temporary relief from the pain, bleeding and swelling associated with these conditions. The cream is safe to use for anybody and has no serious side effects.


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