Detail guide for hemorrhoid removal without surgery

Detail guide for hemorrhoid removal without surgery

Honestly speaking hemorrhoid removal without surgery requires lots of patient and self belief. If you are looking for quick relief from hemorrhoids then hemorrhoid surgery is your only option, you have to undergo scissors to get rid of hemorrhoids and pain associated with it. Someone like me who is against any kind of surgery on body will take path of

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hemorrhoid removal without surgery. The only reason why people go for hemorrhoid surgery is because they are not able to deal with pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.

If you are someone like me who believes in staying away from any kind of operation or surgery then you should read this guide for hemorrhoid removal without surgery till the end, it might not remove your hemorrhoids completely but it will certainly give you relief from inflammation, pain, itchiness and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.

I am not against hemorrhoid surgery but what I personally believe that one should first put his/her 100% effort to heal hemorrhoids naturally and if things are not working then you should go for hemorrhoids surgery.

What is hemorrhoid surgery?

Hemorrhoids surgery is undertaken when a patient is not able to get rid of hemorrhoids on his own. Hemorrhoid removal surgery is medically called hemorrhoidectomy. Hemorrhoids surgery or hemorrhoidectomy is a bit painful post operation, not only that but cost of hemorrhoids removal surgery is also high.

Hemorrhoids are firstly handled by general practitioner, physician or your family doctor. First and primary treatment for hemorrhoids what most of the doctors suggest is using hemorrhoids cream and tablets. If you are feeling better with hemorrhoid creams they you should continue using it and avoid going for hemorrhoid surgery, even your family physician will suggest that just like how my family doctor suggested me 5 years back when I decided to undergo hemorrhoids operation.

If your family doctor is not able to handle your case and you are not getting relief with best hemorrhoid creams then you should meet a specialist like gastroenterologist or proctologist. These are specialized doctors who deal with problems related with stomach, gastritis and hemorrhoids.

In my case I was refer to a gastroenterologist who first understood my lifestyle, food habits and body tendency Hemorrhoid cream treatmentthoroughly and then kept me on hemorrhoids medication for couple of months. For first month he made hemorrhoid diet plan and suggested what to eat when you have hemorrhoids along with prescribing some hemorrhoid creams and natural hemorrhoid tablets.

As I was feeling better with this hemorrhoid treatment, me and my doctor decided to continue with hemorrhoids cream for one more month before taking final decision about hemorrhoids surgery. Luckily with some of the best hemorrhoid creams I used I was saved from surgery and today I am living a healthy and happy life.

This was my story; let’s get back to what is hemorrhoid surgery or hemorrhoidectomy. Basically people are suffering from either internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids or in some cases both. When the pain and discomfort becomes unbearable it is advisable to go for hemorrhoid surgery.

Types of Hemorrhoids Surgery

Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery

Surgical hemorrhoidectomy is the most effective treatment for hemorrhoids, this is medical name for surgery for hemorrhoids. This hemorrhoid surgery works best on both internal and external hemorrhoids. Though some complications are associated with this surgery but the success of hemorrhoidectomy depends on the expertise and experience of your doctor. As in this surgery you will be given general or local anesthesia and after that doctor operates your hemorrhoids, mostly they will cut the hemorrhoids and if required will give you stitches near affected area. As you are given cuts and stitches near rectum it becomes very painful during post operation conditions and this is the reason I choose the path of hemorrhoid removal without surgery.

Stapling Hemorrhoid Surgery / Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

Another method of hemorrhoid surgery is Stapling, here medicated / surgical staple puts your external and fully grown hemorrhoids back into the rectum by cutting the blood supply, so they start shrinking and get reabsorbed. As people say, this surgery is less painful then hemorrhoidectomy surgery.

Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Another treatment for hemorrhoids is what they call laser hemorrhoid surgery, this hemorrhoid treatment is comparatively less painful then above two methods. Here you will be given laser treatment normally inside office of your doctor. You will be discharged on the same day and compare to above two hemorrhoid surgery, this treatment is less painful and fast.

Risk with Hemorrhoid Surgery

Though hemorrhoid surgery are not as risky as they sound, the main problem associated with them is Pain and post surgery suffering, because the pain you get after surgery is more acute then the pain you have with hemorrhoids, this is the reason people avoid hemorrhoid surgery and stick to natural hemorrhoid tablets and medicines. Another risk of hemorrhoid surgery is bleeding, though it is common to bleed while pooping but if you bleed a lot, then immediately call your doctor. Also after surgery for hemorrhoids you have to take care that you don’t get any infection in the operated area or else you will be in trouble. Due to surgery you might also feel that you have lose control over your bowel moment and you might often get sensation for pooping.

Methods for hemorrhoid removal without surgery

If you are the one who is not looking to undergo surgery for hemorhoids then you should following below steps which will help you in healing your hemorrhoids.

(a) Adapt a regular lifestyle, i.e. sleep at right time, wake up early, don’t hold your bowel sensation for long, don’t sit for longer time in toilet reading newspaper or playing games on mobile J  Do some exercise.

(b) Drink lots and lots of water, this will help you in softening your poop and you will not have problem related with constipation.

(c) Eat healthy food, especially food which is rich in fiber, this will help you in easy bowel moment.

 (d) Use hemorrhoids cream that I have shared here, this will not only help you in hemorrhoid pain relief but will also stop further growth of hemorrhoids.

(e) Try Formule H medicine, this is one of the revolutionary treatment for hemorrhoids, many have seen instant benefits and relief in hemorrhoid pain and discomfort. Another medicine is Hemclear cream, you can checkout hemclear reviews here and then take your decision.

This I have shared purely on the basis of my experience and hence advice that you also take your decision depending upon the pain and discomfort you are feeling due to hemorrhoids. I am not against hemorrhoid surgery but I strongly advise that you first try hemorrhoid removal without surgery and then if they don’t work you can go for Hemorrhoidectomy or surgery for hemorrhoids.


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