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Preparation H wipes review

preparation h wipes review which you can use to cure hemorrhoids and get instant relief from burning piles and bleeding hemorrhoids



Today I am going to share Preparation H wipes review, but before that I would like to give brief about what is hemorrhoid and how preparation h wipes can be helpful in the same. Hemorrhoid also termed as piles is the swelling that happens in the blood vessels that occurs inside and around the bottom (rectum and anus).  In many scenarios people may not even get to know that they have Hemorrhoids, but the popular symptoms are bleeding during and after the stools, itching, redness, swelling and soreness around the bottom.

The treatment of Hemorrhoid includes both medical treatment and home based remedies. Along with wipes for hemorrhoid you can also use hemorrhoid creams which can be of great benefit. If you are suffering from Hemorrhoids it can be quite uncomfortable to you. Keeping your Anus area clean is majorly required if you are suffering from this disease.

To keep the bottom area clean you can use Preparation H Wipes. Let’s understand what these wipes are and how are they useful to patients of Hemorrhoids.

What is Preparation H Wipes?

Preparation H Wipes are medicated wipes which are enriched with Aloe Vera and hazelnut extracts. These are maximum strength wipes available. Aloe Vera and hazelnut extracts have soothing and healing effects in general. These are used in various natural medications.

The packaging of these wipes is quite sturdy and convenient. The features include:

  • These medicated wipes comes in a pack which contains 10 – count, 48 – count, 96 – count and 144 – count of wipes in them.
  • One can generally get them in a pack of 4. So if you order once you don’t have to worry for some time.
  • As it is available online for order one can get these easily as you may not want to buy it from a supermarket.
  • The locking system used in the packaging of these wipes is a hard plastic lid, which after use should be closed to maintain the moisture intact in the wipes.

The ingredients that are present in Preparation H wipes are:

  • The active Ingredients are –
    • Purpose Witch hazel which is 50% and
  • The inactive Ingredients that are present –
    • Propylparaben,
    • Aloe Leaf Juice,
    • Methylparaben,
    • Anhydrous Citric Acid,
    • Capramidopropyl Betaine,
    • Diazolidinyl Urea,
    • Glycerine,
    • Purified Water,
    • Propylene Glycol,
    • Sodium Citrate

There is also a specially prepared formulation for Women i.e. Preparation H Medicated Wipes for Women. These are the first in kind which have chamomile, aloe and cucumber extracts infused in them. It has a soothing feel that on contact give a cooling feel.

Benefits of Using Preparation H Wipes

If you go and see Preparation H wipes Review you will find majorly positive reviews on the product. It has many benefits so let’s just jot down some which are commonly known.

  • Its major benefit is that it comforts the patients and gives a soothing and cooling effect.
  • It provides gentle cleansing for everyday use and reduces the irritation by great notches.
  • It has been medically tested and is safe from septic.
  • One of the feature that makes it easy to use is that it is Flushable
  • It has soothing effect thus reduces the irritation.
  • It is prescribed to be combined with the ointment provided by your doctor to reduce the irritation caused by the piles.

Preparation H Wipes Review proves why it is number one recommended brand by the doctors, pharmacists. It is also number one selling brand in medicated Hemorrhoids products.

How to Use Preparation H Wipes?

The usage of Preparation H Wipes is very simple and can be carried out by the person itself. Still let’s just outline the process to use it

  • First you should start with opening the plastic lid given on the top of the pouch.
  • Now peel off the wipe seal given there.
  • To pull out the wipe, grab onto the edge you see of the centre fold and pull.
  • You must remember to close the lid after the use to lock the moisture inside.
  • If you are an Adult you just have to use the wipe and cleanse the area gently by wiping, blotting or patting.
  • You can use it up to 6 times every day or after every bowel movement.
  • You have to use it before applying any treatment or ointment on the area.

It is not recommended to be use by children below 12 years of age. It can only be used under prescription for children.

Preparation H wipes review is incomplete without Preparation H Wipes side effects

Up till now there have not been any reports about any kind of side effects caused by this product. But before using it one must consult his / her doctor or physician. It you experience any kind of discomfort while using it, immediately consult the doctor.

The possible side effects that have been seen in other products of preparation H are Allergic Reaction majorly including rashes.  There are some other side effects as well of other products, but as these wipes have external application only. These may not relate to wipes. These other side effects are breathing troubles, dizziness and swelling and itching majorly on face, tongue and throat area. This list is not the complete list of the side effects. Though happening of these side effects is very rare, one must be aware of them and if you notice any of these while using the wipes, you must consult the doctor immediately.

If you are experiencing discomfort in you bottom area that is anus and rectal area, it is nothing to be surprised and frightened of There are many people are suffering from Hemorrhoids. If we go by the statistics it is believed that around 75% of Americans suffer from this disease. Sometimes they won’t even know for their lifetime.

But if you Hemorrhoid has acted up and is causing discomfort to you, don’t ignore it and consult a doctor and start using Preparation H Wipes. Though these wipes doesn’t treat the illness they help you in treatment process when used with other medications. The size of these wipes pack is very handy hence one can carry them in their pocket and use at its own time and need, thus making them quite popular with the patients out there.

If you want to know anything more about Preparation H wipes review then you can post your comment below.

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