Hemorrhoids symptoms and treatment

What are the symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

hemorrhoids treatment and symptoms

Interestingly enough it is not really known exactly why hemorrhoids enlarge. Of course many doctors or people who try to say they are in the know state many theories about the cause such as insufficient quantities of fiber in a person’s diet, chronic cases of constipation, or even some claiming the opposite that a persistent case of diarrhea may be the root cause.

Truth is that none of these causes has any sort of proof or validity through medical testing and experimentation. There are some cases of tumors in the pelvis area or even pregnancy to cause an enlarging of hemorrhoids, but even these two give no real clue to the exact cause of swelling.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms

It seems that aging is a contributing factor in so that as a person gets older the supporting tissue which secures the hemorrhoidal tissue to the muscles in the anal canal weakens which causes the tissue to creep down and swell to an uncomfortable level.

One biological fact that is known about swollen hemorrhoids that may lead to the key of discovering why they form in the first place is the relation to the anal sphincter. We control our bowel movements with the anal sphincter and the elevated pressure has a direct connection to the enlargement of hemorrhoids. However it is not really known which came first, the chicken or the egg. Are enlarged hemorrhoids the result of elevated pressure or does elevated pressure cause hemorrhoids?

Regardless of the exact cause, let’s take a quick look at the exact symptoms.

Without getting to technical one must understand the two types of nerves located in the anal canal. First of all there are visceral nerves which are located internally above the pectinate line. These nerves don’t sense pain so in as much they sense pressure. This is why internal hemorrhoids, for the most part, do not cause discomfort and are generally painless.

More Symptoms of hemorrhoids

On the other hand there are somatic nerves which are below the pectinate line located outside act in the same manner as skin nerves and do sense pain in the same manner. It is these nerves which are irritated by the swelling of hemorrhoidal tissue and causes discomfort.

If the hemorrhoid originates from the internal rectal area of the anal canal it is referred to as internal hemorrhoids. If it originates at the lower end of the anal canal from the external anal sphincter it is referred to as external hemorrhoids.

So this is how you know the hemorrhoids symptom.

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