Know Hemorrhoid Stages And Treatments

Hemorrhoid Stages And Treatments

Even if it seems easy to see, but sitting on the hemorrhoids is very difficult. By the way, if constipation is eliminated, there will be no problem of piles. Here is complete information on the causes, prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids is a disease in which the veins inside and outside of the anus become inflamed. Due to this, some warts are formed in the inner part of the anus or on the outside, out of which blood comes out and pain occurs at times. Sometimes, these warts come out on exertion.

If there is any such problem in the family, there is a possibility of it being found in the next generation. Though its not clinically proved but still you can say that hemorrhoids can pass through generations.

Difference between Piles and Fisher

People sometimes get confused in Piles and Fisher. Fisher is also an anal disease, but it gets cracked in the anus. This crack can be small and large enough to bleed.

Hemorrhoids normally develops in 4 stages, let me explain them in detail.

Hemorrhoid Stages

Stage 1:

This is the initial stage. There are no specific symptoms in it. Many times the patient does not even know that he has piles. The patient does not feel any significant pain. Just a mild rash is felt and light blood comes on many times by applying force. This is the starting sight that there are piles inside it.

Stage 2:

In the second stage of piles, hemorrhoids start coming out, but you can still push them inside by hand. Compared to the first stage, it feels a little more painful and blood also comes on applying pressure during stool.

Stage 3:

This condition is bit more serious, now its time for you to try hemorrhoid creams and treatment. In this condition, the patient feels intense pain and more blood comes with bowel movement.

Stage 4:

Stage 3 has a deteriorated condition. In this, piles hang outside the anus. The patient complains of severe pain and bleeding. Chances of infection remain very high. 

How To Treat Hemorrhoids

You can start with home remedy for hemorrhoids first, still if you are not getting relief from hemorrhoid pain and inflammation then gradually proceed further with below treatment.

1. Allopathic Treatment For Hemorrhoids

If hemorrhoids is of stage 1 then you can surely cure or stop further growth with home remedies, once it reaches in stage 2, then it can be treated with the help of hemorrhoid creams. Hemclear and Emuaid are two best hemorrhoid creams to apply on the piles. You can apply this piles cream two times a day specially after shower in morning and at bed time, but still it will be better to consult your doctor before using them.

2. Rubber Band Ligation For Piles

If hemorrhoids are slightly larger, then rubber band ligation method is used. In this, one or two rubber bands are tied on the root of the piles, which stops the flow of blood in them. In this, the doctor inserts a device inside the anus and with its help the rubber band is tied to the root of the hemorrhoids. After this, in a week’s time, these hemorrhoids dry up and they end. There is no need to give anesthesia. Only two or three hemorrhoids are cured at a time. After this, the patient is called again. It also does not require hospitalization. The patient may feel pain within 24 to 48 hours of doing this process, for which doctors give medicines.

3. Sclerotherapy

This method is used only when hemorrhoids are small. This method is used until stage 1 or 2. In this, the patient is given an injection. This causes the piles to shrink and then slowly absorb through the body. If hemorrhoids have come out and hanging, then this method is not used. It does not require hospitalization. There is a day care process and you can go home mostly on same day without being admitted to hospital.

4. Haemorrhoidectomy Operation

If hemorrhoids are very large and painful with inflammation and itching problems then this procedure is adopted. This is the traditional method of surgery. In this, internal or external hemorrhoids are cut and removed. It will require hospitalization. General or spine anesthesia is given. Recovery may take two to three weeks. Some pain may be felt after surgery. For the first time after surgery, there may be some blood in the bowel movement. 

The surgery is successful and there is no risk, but even after the surgery, it is important that the patient changes his lifestyle, avoid constipation and take fiber reach diet. Failure to do so may result in piles recurring in about 5 percent of cases even after surgery.

5. Stapler Surgery For Hemorrhoids

This method is used only for stage 3 or 4 piles. General, regional and local anesthesia is also given in this process. One has to be hospitalized. The prolapsed hemorrhoids (exited piles) are sent back inward through a surgical staple and the blood supply is stopped which causes the tissues to shrink and the body absorbs them. In this process, there is less pain than hemorrhoidectomy and recovery takes less time.

6. Homeopathy Treatment For Piles

There is a very good cure for stage 1 and stage 2 piles in homeopathy and in many cases piles of stage 3 can also be cured with its help. There are very few cases of hemorrhoids that require surgery. Also, in the early stage of hemorrhoids, one should avoid going to surgery altogether. Wait, take medicine, try some home remedy and pay more attention to prevention methods. Hemorrhoids problem can be eliminated from the root by continuous treatment for 4 to 6 months depends on your hemorrhoids. Checkout below Homeopathic Medicine For Hemorrhoids.

hemorrhoid stage and homeopathy medicine for hemorrhoids



Along with above hemorrhoid medicine you can also apply hemorrhoid creams to get faster relief. 

Also remember – wear loose underwear. Avoid applying force during bowel movements. Try to get the bowel movement done within two minutes. Avoid the habit of reading a book or paper while sitting in the toilet. If possible, use an Indian style toilet because the way of sitting in it is such that the stomach becomes easily clean.

Bottom line is, if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you for long time.

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