Lavender Oil for Hemorrhoid (For FAST relief)

Lavender Oil for Hemorrhoid (For FAST relief)

For those who are looking for some alternative treatment for hemorrhoids we have come up with list of lavender oil for hemorrhoid treatment, the most common advantage of lavender oil is that they don’t smell bad and give fast relief in hemorrhoid pain.

I have reviewed many hemorrhoid creams and have also reviewed best hemorrhoid creams among all that you can use with confidence. There are many hemorrhoid treatments that one can use along with using hemorrhoid creams. It is not necessary that every hemorrhoid patients are comfortable with hemorrhoid ointments and cream. Though this Essential oil for hemorrhoid treatmenthemorrhoid cream treatment is good and helps in easing hemorrhoid symptoms like itching, pain and burning, still some people avoid using hemorrhoid creams because they are sticky and have smell of medicines.

Let me give you more details about how lavender oil is good for hemorrhoid treatment.

What is Lavender Oil?

Scientific name of Lavender plant is Lavandula, but it is commonly known as Lavender. Lavender is one of the famous plants with blue and purple flowers on it.  Fragrance of lavender flower is very soothing to human and hence it is widely used in Perfumes and Medicines. Commonly lavender plant is associated with romance and love, but very few people know that it is also used in Medicines in form of powder and oil.

Lavender oil is among most used essential oil in the world. Lavender oil can be used as home remedy for many problems. Lavender oil is basically anti-bacterial with property of calming, antioxidant and has sedative. Due to this properties lavender oil is used in many cosmetics and medicines.    

Lavender Oil is basically oil that is extracted from flowers of lavender plant. It is advisable that you use medicated lavender oil for hemorrhoid as it has many other powerful ingredients along with pure lavender oil.  

Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil not only treats hemorrhoid, but it is also helpful in many other ways. I am not going in much detail about other benefits of lavender oil as our main intention is to cure hemorrhoid with lavender oil.

Some of the benefits of Lavender oil

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Improve Brain Function

Helps in restoring skin complexion

Works as anti-ageing agent

Heals burns and Wounds

Improves sleep

Gives relief in Headache

And of course last but not the least lavender oil treats hemorrhoids.

Why lavender oil for hemorrhoid?

For fast relief in hemorrhoid pain, you should give try to lavender oil. As lavender oil immediately address our problem it is advisable to use this essential oil for hemorrhoid treatment.

As mentioned above lavender oil has anti-inflammatory property and this is what helps in instant hemorrhoid pain relief as it reduces swelling among blood vessels and reduces itching.

Advantages of Lavender oil in hemorrhoid treatment.

One of the prime advantages of using lavender oil for hemorrhoid is that it reduces sensitivity and makes the area numb, this results in pain relief in hemorrhoid along with decrease in symptoms like itching and burning.

Lavender oil has natural property of healing the wounds and hence its helps in stop the bleeding from hemorrhoids. It heals and repairs the tear skin and stops hemorrhoid bleeding and reduces discomfort.

Lavender oil helps in shrinking hemorrhoid back to normal and reduces discomfort, pain and burning. This is the reason it is consider as one of the best essential oil to shrink hemorrhoids.

Lavender oil can also be used to treat hemorrhoid during pregnancy, many people recommend it as essential oil for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, and it helps you to ease pain and makes you feel more comfortable.

How to use Lavender Oil for hemorrhoid treatment?

This is most important part, you should give proper attention to this if you really want to cure hemorrhoid with lavender oil without any possible side effects.

Lavender oil is very much concentrated so it should NEVER USE DIRECTLY ON AFFECTED AREA. Direct use of Lavender oil on hemorrhoids may DAMAGE IT MORE OR GIVE YOU SIDE EFFECTS. Follow below instructions to get best results.

Sitz Bath with Lavender Oil

Add 5-6 drops of lavender oil in warm water; make sure that you fill a shallow tub for this warm sitz bath. After stirring the lavender oil properly in warm water sit inside that shallow tub. This sitz bath will help you to reduce pain, burning and itching due to hemorrhoid. Along with that it will also help in healing the hemorrhoids. As you are sitting in water, it will also clean the affected area and helps in maintaining hygiene around rectum.   

Lavender Oil massage on hemorrhoids

First take 10ml of any carrier oil like sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, or olive oil and then mix 2 drops of pure lavender Oil and stir it properly.

You can then dip a cotton ball or clean cloth in this mixture and then apply it on your affected area, you can repeat this method for couple of times during day.

Best Lavender oil for Hemorrhoids

I have used essential oil for hemorrhoid treatment and have found below oils to work best on hemorrhoids.

aVo Essentials Lavender Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade for Aromatherapy with Glass Dropper

Avo Essentials Lavender Oil is manufactured from rich lavender herbs. It is one of the best lavender oil which has pure lavender essential extract.

lavender oil for hemorrhoid pain

aVo Essential lavender Essential oil is made naturally without use of chemicals and toxins. This aVo essential lavender oil has natural fragrance of premium lavender which will help you in many ways to cure your health problems.

The manufacturers are confident of its superior quality and purity and hence they provide 365 days no question asked return policy.

Lavender oil for piles

Each aVo lavender essential oil bottle comes with an easy to use dropper and an air tight cap to preserve its fragrance and purity.

This pure lavender oil not only helps in treating hemorrhoids, but also will be very helpful in treating other problems like headaches, migraine, cuts and burns, stress, anxiety etc.

Naturenics Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil that you can use for hemorrhoid treatment is Naturenics Lavender Essential Oil.

Essential oil for hemorrhoid treatment

It is made with pure and organic lavender and does not contain any added chemicals or fragrance. It is USDA certified lavender essential oil that contains No Chemicals, No Parabens, and Sulfates etc.

Naturenics lavender essential oil is made with high quality and pure lavender and hence it is very much concentrated both in terms of effect and fragrance. If you are using naturenics lavender essential oil for hemorrhoid treatments then use 3 drops instead of 5 drops to mix with carrier oils.

Naturenics Lavender Essential Oil bottle comes with a stylish dropper, Glass metal roll on bottle and an ebook showcasing benefits of lavender essential oils and other essential oils.

Along with using this lavender oil for hemorrhoid, you can also use it to control hail fall, relaxation, beat anxiety and stress etc.


Pure lavender essential oil if used properly then it will certainly help you to treat your hemorrhoid symptoms. Pure lavender oil has property to heal and treat wounds, cuts and swelling it will help you to get fast relief in hemorrhoid pain.  

Along with using lavender oil for hemorrhoid treatment you can use this essential oil for many other problems as discussed above.

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