Preparation H Cream Review from REAL Hemorrhoid Patient

Preparation H Cream Review from real Hemorrhoid Patient

preparation h cream review

In preparation h cream review I am going to tell you each and everything about this hemorrhoid cream, I have use this cream myself and have also taken inputs from hemorrhoid patients who are using preparation h cream along with preparation h wipes since many years. This is not another fake review which you see on internet but this is in fact real review about preparation h.

This hemorrhoid cream is among front runner in market when it comes to selecting best over the counter hemorrhoid cream. I have used 3 packs of preparation h maximum strength cream couple of months back to see how it works and see its results on my painful hemorrhoids.

It is my habit since college days that I study each and everything about the products that I use in my day to day life and this habit has helped me to prepare list of best hemorrhoid creams available in market that are giving best results in shortest possible time.

Quick facts about Preparation H Cream

(a) Only hemorrhoid cream available in market that uses maximum strength pramoxine to give pain relief in hemorrhoids.

(b) Works on all symptoms of hemorrhoids like pain, swelling, burning, itching and discomfort.

(c) Works fast in relieving external hemorrhoid symptoms and discomfort.

Preparation H cream ingredients

Preparation h cream review is incomplete if we don’t discuss about its ingredients. Before using any hemorrhoid treatment one should know what it contains. I know everyone is not knowledgeable that they can study the product in detail and that is the reason I am writing this blog to give in-depth review about hemorrhoid creams and ointments so you can make the right decision.

Now coming back to Preparation H ingredients, well it contains compound called Pramoxine with maximum strength as a key ingredients. This helps in giving quick pain relief from hemorrhoids. Along with Pramoxine it also has Vitamin E to rejuvenate your skin, Panthenol (Petroleum jelly) so that it keeps the affected area lubricated and Aloe to give you soothing effect from burning, itching and swollen hemorrhoids.

Maximum strength Pramoxine plays a very important role in giving almost instant relief from hemorrhoid pain especially external hemorrhoids. Other preparation h cream contains works as supporting ingredients which helps Pramoxine to work faster and better.

How to use Preparation H Cream

Well I know that many of you know how to apply hemorrhoid cream but for those who don’t know I have to give explanation about how to use preparation h cream. Preparation h cream review will be incomplete if I don’t explain this.

Just like other OTC hemorrhoid cream Preparation H cream also comes in Tube which you can use it very easily.  Using preparation h cream is not a rocket science, you have to use it like how you use other products available in tube. external hemorrhoid cream

To start with first puncture or put a hole in aluminium foil seal of the tube, this can easily be done with specially designed cap of tube. Make sure you don’t squeeze it very hard or else it will spill out and will be wasted.

Once you have puncture the tube, now clean your bottom dry with a help of hemorrhoid wipes or cotton cloth, don’t clean with pressure or else you will feel more pain in your hemorrhoids.

Now take preparation h on your finger tip and apply it on the affected area i.e. on your external hemorrhoids. Apply it gently and in adequate quantity so that it makes a thin layer of cream on your hemorrhoidal tissues, by now you should have started feeling a bit better.

For applying preparation h creams on internal hemorrhoids use the dispensing cap that is provided 

preparation h on internal hemorrhoids

with the tube. Dispensing cap is made up of plastic so make sure you insert it very, very, very gently inside your anus and then squeeze it gently and it will automatically get absorbed and applied on your internal hemorrhoids, now take out the dispensing cap and relax for few minutes. Make sure you clean dispensing cap thoroughly before using it again.

With above method you can apply preparation h cream on your external and internal hemorrhoids. You will start feeling better after few mins of application.

Does Preparation H really work?

I knew that this question will surely arise in your mind and that is the reason I have included it in preparation h cream review article. As I told you in starting of this review Preparation H is one of the strong and best selling over the counter hemorrhoid cream, this itself shows that it has proved its worth, but I know you will not believe this words so I will tell you my experience with Preparation H cream.

Well after using two tubes of this hemorrhoid cream I can confidently say that it works exactly as it claims. After applying this cream on my internal and external piles I can feel relief from hemorrhoid pain, not only that it also helps in giving long term relief from hemorrhoid pain and discomfort. One of the prime advantages of Preparation H cream is you start feeling soothing effect as soon as you apply it on your affected area.

Though I was not getting time to apply it for 4 times a day due to my travelling schedule, still I was getting good results, so I can say with confidence that if you use preparation h cream for 4 times a day you can see fast relief in your hemorrhoids.

Where to buy Preparation H Cream

If I was you, my next question would be where to buy preparation h cream? Well don’t worry, I am here to guide you till end. I always prefer to buy from Amazon and you can do the same, click here and buy it with confidence, it is sold by Preparation H manufacturers only and hence you can be assured of quality. Amazon will deliver is super fast at your door steps and hence I strongly recommend it to buy Preparation H from amazon.

Side Effects of Preparation H Cream

I have used this hemorrhoid cream for two months and I have to say that it does not have any side effects at all. Well the degree of relief can be different from patient to patient depending on the condition of hemorrhoids, but personally I liked Preparation H cream.

As the manufacturer’s advice, pls don’t use it on children’s below 12 years without taking guidance from your Doctor. For adult hemorrhoid patient you can use it 4 times a day to get quick and long term results.

Please let me know if you have any query or question in context with preparation h cream review, I’ll be happy to help you in the same.

UPDATED: Frequently asked questions for Preparation H cream.

After reading preparation h cream review, I got many email asking for different types of question, I have compile all of them below and have tried to answer all of them. 

1) What is preparation h cream?

Answer: Preparation h cream is one of the best hemorrhoid creams which gives you relief from hemorrhoid symptoms like itching, swelling, bleeding and burning. It is one of the highest selling hemorrhoid treatments in the market, which is highly recommended by doctors. Preparation H cream is mainly used for treating hemorrhoids, both internal and external but some people also use it for other skin problems like itching and burning.

2) Is preparation h cream good for wrinkles?

Answer: Preparation h cream is mainly known for giving relief from hemorrhoids symptoms and is consider as one of the best hemorrhoid cream, but as heard from many people I can say that you can use it for your wrinkles because it contains Vitamin E and Aloe which helps in soothing your skin.

3) Can I use Preparation h cream on face?

Answer: Well the answer to this question is both Yes and No. Yes is because it helps in smoothing your skin and helps in any type of wound healing and NO because excessive use of Preparation h cream on face will thin your skin layers and can make it more sensitive.

4) Preparation H cream for weight loss.

Answer: Honestly speaking I don’t see any use of preparation h cream for weight loss, those it is good for hemorrhoids and minor skin problems, I strongly recommend not to use it for weight loss.

5) How preparation h cream with lidocaine treats hemorrhoids?

Answer: One of the key ingredients of preparation h cream is lidocaine, lidocaine is an anaesthetic medicine which helps in temporary numbing the area on which it is applied and hence we get instant relief with preparation h hemorrhoid cream.

6) Can I use preparation h cream for eyes?

Answer: Manufacturers claims that preparation h cream is solely for hemorrhoid treatment, but I have seen many people (especially females) using preparation h cream for eyes. Ingredients in preparation h cream reduces puffiness under eyes and also helps in reducing redness for a while as it restricts the blood vessels from moving in that area.  You can use preparation h cream for skin tightening.

7) What are preparation h cream uses?

Answer: As share above preparation cream is mainly used for hemorrhoid and piles treatment, but due to its ingredients people use preparation h cream for wrinkles, for reducing eye bags, for skin tightening etc. Though apart from healing hemorrhoids no other effects are clinically proven.

8) Preparation H cream dosage, how to apply?

Answer: How to apply preparation h cream? Well that you can read above in my article, I have given step by step guide for the same. Regarding preparation h dosage it is recommended that you use it at least 3 times a day, i.e. morning, afternoon and at night before going to bed, using it thrice daily will surely give you positive results in couple of weeks.

Thought Preparation h cream dosage is not fixed by doctors, so you can use it accordingly to the severity of your hemorrhoids.

9) What are preparation h cream side effects?

Answer:  I have written the answer to this question above, still would like to share that preparation h cream does not have any side effects, I am using it personally since 3 weeks and it has given ONLY positive results, So just buy Preparation H cream with confidence and see the magical results.

10) Preparation h cream vs Ointment, what is better?

Answer: Well if you are looking for good piles cream and I will strongly suggest to go for preparation h cream and not ointment, this is purely my personal opinion, when I have to chose between Preparation H cream vs Ointment I will select cream because it gets easily absorbed in skin and starts giving instant relief from hemorrhoids, where as ointment is generally sticky and takes some time to absorb in skin, also it leaves mark on your cloths and sometime have strong smell, so I’ll go with preparation h cream and not ointment.

I have tried to answer all questions related with preparation h cream review, still if you have any query then you can post the same in below comments box and I will come back to you with the answer.

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