Best Sitting Position For Hemorrhoids

Best Sitting Position For Hemorrhoids

Best Sitting Position For Hemorrhoids

It is very important that you sit in right manner so that your hemorrhoid don’t hurt or start bleeding. Right sitting position for hemorrhoids patients is very important specially when your job involves sitting for long hours. 

As you all know, my job involves lots and lots of traveling which includes long flight travel and attending meetings.

Along with using hemorrhoid creams, taking hemorrhoid friendly diet, I have also developed a special setting style which helps me in reducing hemorrhoid pain, burning and itching. 

Today I will share best sitting position for hemorrhoids which you can adapt and get quick relief from hemorrhoid pain and discomfort. 

Best Sitting Position For Hemorrhoids Patients In Office

Many of you must be in a job where you have to do most of the work by sitting in office, I know sometime it becomes very difficult to sit for long hours specially when you have a bad day with hemorrhoids. 

To start with, select a soft cushioned chair so that it don’t give pressure on your rear areas. In case if you don’t find a soft chair, you can also go for hemorrhoid cushions which are specially designed in a way that they don’t give pressure to your hemorrhoids and at the same time give you comfortable sitting position.

Pillows for hemorrhoids are your best option specially if you have undergone hemorrhoid surgery or having severe  hemorrhoid pain.

If your job involves sitting for long hours, try to get up and walk at regular intervals, this will help you to ease hemorrhoid pain. In general getting up every hour or so is a good for your health too. 

Sitting Position For Hemorrhoids Patients At Home

Most of us spend time at home watching TV, we should apply same method that we adapted at office too, either we should watch TV in standing position or we should get up every half an hour and walk around the room. This will not only help you to fight hemorrhoids but will also help you to loose weight 🙂 just like me. 

When you sit for long hours your rear part gets sweaty which will give you discomfort and itching. Standing up frequently and wearing cotton and loose cloths will help you to sweat less. 

At home you have a choice to sit on soft sofa or use donuts cushion without getting in any awkward situation like office, so use it without any embarrassment. 

No Sitting On Hard Surface

Make it a strict rule for yourself, never ever site on hard surface, avoid as much as possible to site on hard surface. Hard surface gives intense pressure on your hemorrhoids and from my personal experience I can say they pain like hell. Try to carry hemorrhoid pillow with you wherever possible so you don’t have to undergo that pain and agony.

Best Sitting Position for Hemorrhoids Patients in Toilet

One of the reason for developing hemorrhoids is sitting in toilet for long time, specially when you are trying hard to pass the stool and giving pressure on your rectal area. This happens due to constipation or when you are not attentive in passing your stool i.e. reading magazine, watching mobile etc

Try to use squatting method while passing stool in toilet. In this method you have to sit in such a way that your knees close to your chest/stomach. You can put books or small table under your feet so that it will be easy for you to go in squatting position. This position helps to press your stomach which helps in passing the stool without giving much pain to your rectal area and hemorrhoids. 

Another method that will help you to kill hemorrhoid pain is taking sitz bath. Sitz bath helps you to clean your rectal area and give you relief from pain, itching and discomfort from hemorrhoids. You can also use Epsom salt for sitz bath, it will give you more relief then just warm water sitz bath. You can take 2 to 3 sitz bath a day. You can easily take sitz bath in your bathtub or special sitz bath kit that fits on your toilet seat and see the difference yourself.

This are the methods that I have adapted personally and have seen magical results in just few days. If you want to use hemorrhoid creams along with above methods then I’ll recommend to use emuaid cream for hemorrhoids, it is one of the best hemorrhoid cream available online.

If you have any query or questions related with hemorrhoids, you can ask me anytime and I’ll come back to you at the earliest.

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