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How To Cure Pregnancy Hemorrhoids Naturally

how to cure hemorrhoids in pregnancy
cure pregnancy hemorrhoids naturally

This article will mainly focus on curing pregnancy hemorrhoids naturally, I have put up this points with the advice of my wife Amanda who was suffering from hemorrhoids during her first pregnancy. I am sure this article will be really helpful to women’s who are suffering from piles during pregnancy. 

Hemorrhoids can cause pain and agony on the sufferer, both physically and mentally. This suffering is only compounded if this ailment occurs during pregnancy. Unfortunately, it seems most of America follows an unbalanced dietary regime and the result of this is often improper digestion. It doesn’t help that this unbalanced diet lacks fiber, an essential food that helps to loosen stool and thereby ease our bowel movements. When the stool becomes hard, our bowel movements require more straining and we have to impart additional pressure to defecate. This resultant pressure exerts itself on the veins lining the rectum and they get filled up with blood.

When this condition becomes chronic you have hemorrhoids, or piles. Apart from this there are other complications in pregnant women that also lead to hemorrhoids, more so, if they have had a past history of hemorrhoids. Certain hormones released during pregnancy tend to relax the walls of the veins, allowing them to swell easily. These hormones also contribute to constipation by slowing down the intestinal tract, thereby prohibiting easy bowel movements, which ultimately lead to hemorrhoids. Pregnancy hemorrhoids should be tackled by first resolving the constipation problems by modifying the diet.

Tips to Cure Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

Pregnant or not, most of us should include lots of high-fiber fruits and vegetables in our diet. Avoid straining during bowel movements and trying not delay when one has the urge also helps.

Drinking lots of fluids can help and if you can boost your fiber intake by consuming beverages like prune juice that’s a bonus.

A Sitz bath or baking soda and Epsom salts can all be added to bath water to help alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Witch hazel applied to a cotton ball and dabbed on the hemorrhoid can reduce swelling. This is a very old treatment and still works today. You can by pre-moistened pads at any grocery store.

Avoid using donut cushions since they tend to apply pressure on the affected area and aggravate the growth of hemorrhoids. The best way to cure pregnancy hemorrhoids naturally is by opting for herbal remedies . These have been around for centuries and have no side effects.

The shoots of butcher’s broom, an herb similar to asparagus, helps treat hemorrhoids effectively. This herb is renowned for its capabilities to relieve constipation and improve blood flow. Bilberry is yet another herb that is good for the digestive system and also improves the flow of blood. Aloe Vera (works on sunburns too) is rich in vitamins and other essential minerals that combat hemorrhoid inflammation and also helps to improve digestion.

If you are looking for more choices for natural hemorrhoid treatments check out our reviews of Hemclear for Hemorrhoids and Emuaid Cream for hemorrhoids. Both of those guides are well received and are great options for caring for your pregnancy hemorrhoids naturally.

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